Living the Dream.

My name is Jonathan. I make music for a living. Nashville is my home. My life is full of spontaneity and travel.

Family is everything.

Industry Interview: Studio Engineer Jon Hicks | SwitchBitch Noise

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Puppy cuddlez
Adventure time in Kokomo, IN.

Getting really stoned and listening to the cinema will always be one of my favorite things in this world to do.

Happy birthday love.

So I played drums for 3 and a half hours today. I ran for over an hour today. I’m really excited about this new band. Really really excited.

“are you really over it? or do you find your mind wandering and landing on thoughts of me when you’re driving and when you’re washing dishes? do you really ‘just not care anymore’? or do you want to stop caring so badly that you mental abuse yourself in bed every night because you still think about me when you’re trying desperately to fall unconscious? are you happy with how things ended? or do you wake up exhausted in the mornings because you can’t stop dreaming about all the things you know we have left to say to each other?”

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Nothing’s gonna stop you now
I guess you better be going

May 15, 2013 Gold

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My roommate and I begun demoing out a few songs. We accidentally started writing a record for a band that just happened one day. The writing process is in full swing. I haven’t been this excited about anything in a long long time. EP coming soon.

 Robert Plant on stage at the Seattle Coliseum, 1973

Robert Plant on stage at the Seattle Coliseum, 1973

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Kids by MGMT is such a great song. I’ll never forget that festival we played with them. I’ll never forget the ecstasy that came with playing that show. I’ll never forget that night/tour/summer/year. I’ll never forget what I did the second I got back to the van after that performance.


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