Living the Dream.

My name is Jonathan. I make music for a living. Nashville is my home. My life is full of spontaneity and travel.

Family is everything.

I am constantly overjoyed and blown away with my career. I can’t think of a better way to be spending my twenties. I’m living my dreams. I’m so incredibly thankful that I have these opportunities. I love my job. It’s only a job, but it brings me so much joy.

Baby just ask once more
‘Cause I saw your door wide open,
but the floor is still freezing.
Baby, I was sick and I’m still quite unwell.
Tell me it’s you or nothing at all.

'Cause I stole your soul
You said I’d never be able
But oh, the whole world is still on my string

Second time now and you’ve done this before
Drive around the back so I can’t see them,
But you’re still freezing.
Let me take your coat and your keys and this car,
‘Cause I’ve been unwell far too long now.

'Cause I stole your soul
You said I’d never be able
But oh, the whole world is still on my string, oh

The whole world is still on my string
Yeah, its still on my string

(It’s never much when I sing about you.)

Oh, East Tennessee. What a strange place you are.



I remember your hands, and how long your fingers looked compared to the cigarettes you used to smoke.
You had the best hands for smoking because they were delicate enough to be ladylike
but dirty enough with chipped black nail polish to create a physical representation
of the way you felt

Continually getting mad at someone each time you’re manic


Oh how fun it is to apologize over and over again

Looking at your bank account after mania



It pains me to read my manic texts


if you are mean/angry at your friends with anxiety for cancelling/being unreliable you are a shitty friend and don’t deserve them.

(via bipolar-support)

Remember that time that thing happened?


are ya, bud?

(via sullyre)

Vinyl Sales Are Up 47.5% This Year


Digital Music News has shared the news that vinyl sales are on track be finish nearly 50% higher than in 2013. Vinyl sales in 2014 have already passed a full 12 months of 13. Check out the graphic below.

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